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hello guys therefore welcomed my canal online marbleand this is the English channel of marble flooring Jitendra Sharma and this channelis managed by marble flooring Jitendra Sharma in this video I am gonna giver you a completehomer safarus and terminated residence walkover of this parliament and I am gonna give information andthe price everything in this video now make start with this entrance this is the entranceand this is the wall elevation tiles as you can see this are the tiles wall elevationtiles and the price of these in Indian market is around 25 RSper ft and this ios the granitethis is the Rajasthan black granite and the white-hot one you sdeing is the P grey granitethis is the P lily-white ganite and Rajsthan black granite so the centre for human rights is the P White graniteand their own borders is installing Rajsthan black granite now tell us talk about the price ofP whitw granbite The price oif P white is around 50 to 60 RSper ft in Indian market, in Indian Wholesale market and the cost of rajsthan pitch-black granite is around 60 to 80,90 RS Iin the wholesale market in ther Rajsthan now have a look how the staircase is lookin home this is a very famous famous combining of Rajasthan P lily-white and R black granite thisis evade is done P white granite this is the design double moulding is done and thecenter strip is given in P grey granite you can have a look see this.This is the design now let me show you fullcomplete notion from upward so here the same design is done P white and Rajasthan blackgranite is used you can have a look like if you making a house how this granite will lookin the house in have an idea from this video low-pitched let me show you the inspect from uphill whenyou go downward this are likely to be the review of the stairs I likewise go inside the house and showyou now let us go inside and ensure the house now this is the Indian onyx marble and thisis the bidasar border bidasar border is done and this it’s the Indian marble the priceof Indian marble is around 25 RS per sqft as you can have a look the border is givenbidasar and you can see how this sound this looks really beautiful and this is the doordesign so guys now give us talk about the price ofIndian onyx marble is around 25 RS this is the hall design and let me take you insidethe apartment and this is the again the bidasar common bidasar and onyx marble is used as youcan see how beautiful it glance this is the dining design if you representing something if youtrying to have a grate design you can take n hypothesi from this video this is Rajasthan blackgranite and this is a entrance enclose opening formulate is done in granite now let me take you tomaster bedroom no no a master bedroom let me make you to a bedroom this is the bedroomand this is Indian cheap marble is installed, this is Indian cheap marble the marble priceis around 20 RS and you can see the border is given in Rajasthan black granite and thisis lakha red this is lakha red this skirt is again done in the indian cheap marble nowlet me show you washbasin designing this is the wash watershed layout tiles are the installedin this the tile price is around same 25 RS per sqft and this is the washbasin and downyou can see this is the Rajasthan black granite this is installed in one corner so you canhave a look if you havce a washasin that’s is in one corner and you can give such designto it this is actually a paint this is the tiles you can buy this tiles from theindian marketplace and the price of this tiles would be around whole thing would come around1 200 RS to 1500 RS the border is given again in rajsthan color granite so this is not apiainting this is the tiles exploited on wall this is the pooja room entrance and too theentrance for kitchen and the bedroom so this is the master bedroom and small-minded small-minded designsare given in this as you can see in the video this is the window design and this is theflooring design and this is the view from inside the house as you can see how this islooking now let me take you to the bathroom design this is the bathroom and tiles areused in this 10 mm tiles are used in this marble tiles and the price of this would bearound 25 RS and the dimensions of the tiles is 1X1 feet you can have a look if you want toinstall such thing in your residence how it search it opens house a very beautiful look as youcan see this tiles is giving the lavatory a very beautiful and fee seek the priceis around 25 RS and this is the self that is done in marble and when you do racks inmarble and even you can install a glass slideng and if you are installing with marble the life ofthis would be very long and have a look at window design this is the window design andyou should taken to ensure that when you installed window the sunrise of the house should be properthe lighting of the house should be proper now let me show the kitchen this is the kitchendesign this is the indian bidasar marble and again onyx marble are used in this as youcan see kitchen also looks beautiful and this is tiles are installed in this the wholesaleprice of this tiles is same around 25 RS per sqft and this is the design have a look this is the kitchen design this is also done in granite and marble, tiles everything isused this is the door the price of the door is around 3000 to 5000 RS as you can see havea idea like if you are installing tiles this would be the watch this is the washbvasin and thisis the shelf you can have marble shelf you can design such things and it pay a verygood seem and a very long life so thank you guys hope you like my video do like and subscribeto my path hope to see you all in my next video expressed appreciation for

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