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DIY Hotel Glam Bedroom for Andrea’s Choice | Interior Design

Can’t wait to embellish. There is so much we can do! How will it turn out? OMG We will come Open up, we are here! Okay, you’re yell like, so thundering. OMG! OMG! We were high! Center of Los Angeles. It is genuinely high. It’s amazing, but don’t look who it is. You know we have our establish; OMG! We bought a residence, this is OMG! We are getting to where we are going in the homes of famous digital notorieties. Yes, and today we are at Andrea Brooks’ high-rise apartment in Los Angeles. You may know her as Andreas Choice on YouTube; Massive YouTuber. Hi, I’m Andrea, therefore welcomed my channel. She makes beauty and DIY videos, she is very popular. She truly needs help with her bedroom because she moved into this apartment and never kept it together and shoots all her videos in that room. We are so excited to make this room for the beautiful Andrea and you know what else arouses us? Subscribing! You agree because we are trying to reach a million customers, delight strike that button! Be part of our house Yes Let’s see it. Let’s make it beautiful and glamorous, contemporary! Let’s go! So it examines more or less … Wooooowww … I feel very short now. We are similar in height, we have already discussed this. You’re 5′ 1 “, right? Yes. I enjoy it. Short-lived parties live longer. I love short girls. Okay! Well, I am married to one. Ew! Don’t implement that parole. So Kate and Joey have just arrived and I am very excited, but I am also really nervous because I am very luck and I leave govern to other parties. But, I has confidence in Kate because I feel like we have same modes. The area looks like when we were here last-place go. I have lived here for a year and I have never had time to please, amply decorate my area. The trouble is, is that I film now, so it has to look good, but it is such a large area that I never certainly knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I love the cow skull, it is obviously fake, terribly vegetarian. It’s vegan. Oh, vegan, sure, of course. And, I succession a few cases things that I really liked online and my berthed is very small more. You can say that a short person lives here. I “ve never” bought any target to store my things. Yeah, all her makeup, swatches, everything. I really like lily-whites and neutrals, this lane I can ensure what pigment hue I want. All I know is that I require well neutral. so you can change the hue pops. I want to be able to film in my room from any direction because it is full of things. Instead than being committed to a certain color scheme, I kind of don’t like painting my walls in crazy colorings. Right. Glam hotel, multifunctional, incredible space. With impress of my personality. Yes Kate is great at it. You are good at it! Fear! Thanks people! High five. Joey! So since you are a DIY goddess, it originates ability for us to start the firstly DIY project. Perfect! While Joey devises the standing things. You told me you love glamour. I adore the glow, metal. Kate tells me she wants to do some glare art and I’m like, yeah, I enjoy glitter. Girl me too Because we are trying to be super stylish and glamorous with your area, I didn’t want to go as a little traditional glint. What would the shimmer look like under a magnifying glass? It would be like, huge. We could create the inspection of enlarged glisten with some good old-time aluminum foil! “its just” more sturdy if we try to do this on a regular canvas you might get a somewhat saggy and covered the sides white but I can’t be wrinkled It ought to have the claim kind of wrinkled geometric shape.Like her start crumbling it up and just like setting it up it starts to really get together and then it was like I understood where her thought was so good. So I have this which is this spray paint mirror impression Oh, will the gape of the tin foil a bit so it’s not oh that’s aluminum foil on your wall, it’s more like metal. I love how open you are to this. Did you assure what my office was like before I had A tin foil undoubtedly, as if it were ancient food, but[ __] for art. First things firstly, let’s kept some cover on these walls. I want to give you a slight wall colour change in our dye palette schedule playing with neutrals and the like That, the tacts of the same wall colour really make a big difference. Andrea’s apartment is like numerous rentals, it is painted white-hot. Right now you it has something like almost an ivory privilege? You realize, well I’m a shining lily-white, I’m a Caucasian so we could, we talked about how to do this as a feature wall right? Since you are a tenant, “its easier to” to decorate over a painted technique. Of track you know I’m a DIY freak I belief why not DIY a pattern on the wall and the The perfect thing to do that is a stencil.I have never been stenciled. I can start covering? Between the stencil and the draw it will take us forever, Guys can do the stencil. I will do the depict. So I am very excited about this stencil what Kate is doing in my area right now I’ve never even had a stencil I truly supposed making a stencil on my wall was always like a colour or wallpaper but she’s like unify the two. I reaped it here checked in erect it in undoubtedly because I require these areas to be the negative cavity. How do you retain I snack a giraffe, oh I enjoy giraffes. No nature! That’s my giraffe interference. I got the same wall shade, but in a semi-gloss.Did I open the correct one? You did it. You have to tell me these things Kate, how many times have we had this? speech? When I’m doing development projects, you have to tell me the details. How countless ages you had this conversation? Where you have to listen to me because guess what what category did I tell you about this project. Andrea excuse me, I time crave you to know that “weve been” enjoy each other. I thought you were going to Come slam him, yeah I want to give you an stylish glamorous backdrop that has to be a lighting grey-haired with a warm background stimulating it luxurious and glamorous and not too cold so videotape e tape.Okay, I’m going to start. If you got to go, you are only it will go down accurately We should knock her out. But she is having a lot of fun. Joey genuinely known to be to be a party Pooper. In fact, I have some things to do today, so I’m going to do them. Appears like I’m going to watch Game of Thrones in the other bedroom. i could do The faster you get out of here, the faster we can. I’m out of here Get aroused! So these are the little guys. Oh my gosh they’re like toy learns alright you don’t care what I told you after Bye, have fun, good address. So “were having” these cool adjourned palls that are a track racing through the ceiling that has a cement roof, which is a little tricky, but I have my masonry fragments and I can time employ them on, I’m going to get sweaty but you must do what you have to do to get those palls up parties. Part of this project is that we are elevating the part apartment because everything here is very low.She had her Tv on this little stand is too low , not sufficient office, let’s do that TV set up, get it off the stand clean it up with a good hider wire, so we’ll mount that and draw it The same hue as the walls merely automatically revises the area. Kate! What? I’m here. I come with the most beautiful buttons you have ever seen. Those are great. And inspect, each one is unique … oh lover, those are great. I crave these. Earrings. We experienced the most amazing grips you have ever seen on planet Earth. No I even actually think they’re from planet Earth, I think they’re from some beautiful splendid planet. What is half of twenty-five and a half? I is not do that. I’ll make it as accurate as possible, but I’m not a cabinetmaker I know what you think I am but … I never said that he believes that. All good now , nothing happens. What do you mean that nothing departs here? Now are important things Let’s put it into practice by drilling custom-made loopholes and putting these really funky grips. Actually making this segment is cheap and really increasing the quality of a million dollars, I compensate a million dollars. Those grips compiled it genuinely ponderous, excellent! So Andrea gets a bunch of makeup swatches, she also has the clothes she needs to save in some drawers so this Media Console/ Dresser is the excellent piece of furniture for that. Kate has this giant floor-ceiling mirror that we are going to mount on the wall, it will be perfect right next to the lavatory entrance right next to the vanity. I think this is the the most beautiful desktop I have ever seen. Yes incredible. Do you know what style this is? Luxury. Parsons. Andrea needs a desk/ dresser a home where you could revise on your laptop, but also somewhere where she could wear makeup.You sit back and you’re like wow, I’m fine. going to attain some money on this table, it’s champagne colored, but obviously she doesn’t have as many drawers she only has these for her as confines. Where is this going? But that is around here because it has these drawers with these little ones name things and on those descriptions I’m writing lips looks face, that may be where she knows how organizations to have some successful favourites. No, Joey , no, don’t rest on this. Go improved the berthed, structure the berthed, if you’re tired arrive build a berthed but don’t sleep on it. A tree or a seed is a really nice element to bring to any apartment you want to have that organic ingredient to juxtapose all the furniture you have and the violins are one of my favourites things to use in any design have big beautiful light-green buds. Ok i love it glitter skill expanded as the center, and then we have a ton of options. I think we should do another piece of art now that exclusively says dinners done.Someone got leftovers. Let’s call that leftover. Don’t be fooled by that thing I’d be hanging out at the art gallery in downtown LA in a second that’s a little hip modern prowes bibles I enjoy that painting. Well of course you love this photo of her two felines. But I also affection how you did the clean strokes on the edge. Well yes I did because there was a white border for when you reproduced this. Yeah that’s cool. It was just a quick fix, a gallery wall has that same contemporary looking Andrea has many friends that she adores very well. I will lend some black and white photos of your friends, traveling domesticateds you have been to some stunning plazas This is like a standard carpet on the storey now so let’s hearten it up with a little fluffy rug love some fluffy carpet compassion a little hug with my affection on the fluffy carpet.Oh my gosh it’s deduce and glam oh I know what’s coming Let’s enjoy our wall let’s enjoy our wall oh yes I know Can we just talk? That wall appears stunning on this rug. It turned out better than you imagined, we use the semi-gloss paint to make it the same color as walls but has a sheen that ogles better than any wallpaper we’d have utilized so I’m very happy. Joey, we don’t have time for this. Why do we do this in one daylight? For your saying that. Yeah well they were required to get it on in one period so come on. Wow how fast your song changes Wow, before Andrea I remember a terminated seemed a bit small-scale with bass to the field that well introducing the double bed I mean that it is a double berthed, but it is also the Queen Andrea’s bed.We needed to bring corresponding area tables because for get the contemporary hotel gape have a party and then we have a glass made to perfection for the top it is therefore certainly simply lux of those surface boards that It was a thrift store find and now it looks like a million dollars. We also added some ponderous brass grips exactly those little touches represent them examine like brand new divisions. Do you have your corner? Suddenly action like you know how to do this yourself. Do you have your corner? Who taught you this? My mother. She did? Yes this It seems to me Oh Joey Joey, tell Andrea be the first in your bunked , not you. I can try? Why can’t I try the bunked? I just want to make sure it’s comfortable.I can try it? We can spawn armed recess. It’s okay can do armed corners, I don’t know what they are. I’m really stimulating the bed plush with layered quilt I’m not wearing a blunt match set because I I certainly want it to look sophisticated and well designed, don’t exactly wear the Rectangular standard immensity pillows get some European squares are the same price like regular pillows make sure you have those european square pillowcases to go with that and that merely returns it that inn search. So “weve been” have to highlight your openings with a gossip domain and I obtained “the worlds largest” amazing chairs pink pleated pink like sallow pink You’ve seen, they have a bronze base for them to spin.I’m giving it next to Tie a basket with some cloaks and an additional pillow she can get comfortable in those chairs. Above the side counters, I wanted to give it some artistry because that really establishes its a inn sound so i got these grazed silver frames with mattings then inside I precisely covered some very simple watercolor palm leaves because she lives in LA after all Andrea has three babies, she has a dog and two felines, so we have to give them a arrange sleeping this little dog bunked was so perfect because it’s really fluffy and cute and it’s in our shade palette so I had to get it and settled it in the corner.Should I cross my noses? I’m so scared. Ready? Before covering my gazes and strolling In the apartment I told Kate that it was as if, although I loved it, I is no longer a screaming lover. Don’t glance, don’t gaze, don’t stumbled your leader. Well guess what happened when Walked in? In his free time, one two three She literally screams. I ponder I screamed a duet epoch actually Oh my God! Are you afraid something happened to you that? like deity i am so this is the cutest room i ever had been in my entire life. I voted in favour of this report. Even like my best friend that decorate very well, yes their areas are not even that good. I necessitate never “re out there”, but i agree.Of track she enjoys him! it’s amazing! Look at your new cabin It’s a sideboard, Joey enjoys to call it a compartment. Oh sweet gold bath knobs, stone slabs Lush chairs ….. I’m kind of freaking out right now And I was really scared at first when you guys would like to paint my walls I really like having lily-white walls but that’s the perfect color. Glam all these neutrals toy each other is the dimension of their glamor can change the prostrate pillows can be brought in color daddies time draw those two palm membranes of things to represent LA.OMG, it’s like you’re in my room. Your boys crazy crazy abstract artistry. I know I adoration that. This desktop is epic like the ending in that. That’s actually a membrane with a champagne sheet and then I appear, I precisely situated in those placeholders the little descriptions of your favourites to be there in anode “Its like” 20 experiences better than what I was imagining in my honcho I didn’t know it was going to look like a real bedroom or something. It’s like a really good dream like the one you know when you have a good dream and you like it you live in this perfect house and then you wake up and you’re like it’s still there I like that it’s still in my room and I’m awake It’s great! OMG we’ve hit those Idols outrages, I’m so happy Kate and Joey got together time out of their hours to do this for me cant wait to take a expedition of the office Ha ha, good place, good task, Joey! One more season you killed him! You killed him! We kill him! Pat in the back, okay, whatever.This was very meaningful to me because I’m friends with Andrea and I know how it works hard she works and she’s so awesome on YouTube, you have to check out our Andrea’s Choice channel, I’m so glad who loves her room is as glamorous and beautiful as she is. Subscribe to his channel to see all his great videos and are in favour of our direct We want to reach 1 million customers before the end of time. We are using MrKate hashtag a million, so really sounds subscribe button and being a part of our innovative weirdo family would symbolize a great deal to us and the team, and it will allow us to continue making these videos for you. Be a part of that first million boys yeah connect the family yeah not only watch without subscribing and subscribe, “were having” more OMG coming. A ton of other immense videos! Comment, I like it, told you last-minute, thanks we love you so much we love you too. Oh I love you too bye You’ve seen us convert gap after infinite and now it’s your turn if we get to 1 million customers at the end of the year, one luck subscriber departs to triumph a $ 10,000 chamber makeover in your own episode with Mr. Kate. Not only that, but for every 100,000 readers we compute at the end of the time we are giving $ 1000 to a donation that helps those in need find homes. If we smack 1 million customers by the end of this year, perhaps that is you. All that is needed is to go to the backslash of youtube.com Mr. Kate and click on a small button. Join our freaks family and subscribe to help create divergence in the lives of others and a chance to have the infinite of your dreams come true with Mr. Kate !.

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