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Check out this artistic 2BHK Home in Bengaluru – every room has its own unique design aspect!

( Im) Radhika, I work with the project managementgroup in Apotex Hi Im Raghavan, I wreak as a technological architectin Infosys. So we bought this arrange in April. So we got to know about Livspace through afriend. We craved somebody to help us to organise ourselves and manufacture best utilization of the infinite what we have. and a method to define the room well, simply have that very positive energy. So, we wanted something that was minimalist. Something that accents the infinite. Hi, my call is Anisha and Im the designerat Livspace. Radhika and Raghavan, their quite fond ofpaintings and posters. So, I already have a brief from the startthat I have to is organized around a lot of things. So as soon as you enter in the house, youllfind the shoe rack and quality wall cover which gets spotlit more as the house isvery airy. In the living locality, So I tried employed a lotof subtle emblazons, extremely a slate white-haired kind of a fabric which is a cotton collection.So in the study area, what we focus more onwas to highlight and make a cosy space. Abstract wall paint which is .. Which falls within to modern thing and theLshaped seating which is right next to it and it had a little colonial and a littleclassical touch with those wooden tone bits. Youll find a study table and the wall unitwhere you can see a lot of space to keep volumes and your artefacts. We have a very minimal pendant light comingin just in front of the abstract wall paint.So this the minimalism and synopsi vanish verywell together. Going to the master bedroom , now the challengingpart in that room was to complement all of the walls and the furniture which Im goingto use. Having the wardrobe again of a little darkershade. So, I tried to complement that again withthe sky kind of a wallpaper and in the center youll find a huge mirror where you cantake the whole luxury of getting dressed up. And likewise the symmetrical chest of drawerswith really nice small handcrafted wooden grips for it. Yea when my inlaws her parents camethey were stunned. Because they actually was absolutely wowed. Its own experience with Anisha was really nice. She ever understood what we wanted. And she would utter us ideas to, you are well aware, what we could do to, towards the space or what is really nice interacting with her andit was very easy to connect.Manisha to Karthik and including your guyswho come in carpenters, electricians all of them were very friendly. It is easy to give feedbacks. Overall experience has been great ..

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